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-->The top voter of the month gets the next tier of donator rank automatically ! !

*High capacity processors: 4 core Intel Xeon E3-1240 V3 3.4 GHz

*32 GB memory

*Fast drives: 160GB Intel solid state drives (SSDs) and multiple 15K SAS drives in RAID 10 on a hardware disk controller with 512 MB of battery-backed memory

*1 Gbps port

*5000 GB transfer

*Error correcting code memory keeps your server stable by correcting single bit and detecting double bit memory errors.


-Gearworks Owner
-Blackgear Owner

its good i think admins should be on more and maybe a shop
Posted 11th Sep 2017
urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gay
Posted 4th Jul 2017
The server is excellent. Only tip I can give to newcomers is to not piss off any staff members. The server is great for many reasons. One, there is active staff (admin) arround. At times, the owner steellz might help you if he is free. The server is overall a great environment. Only issue is we need more players!
Posted 29th Jan 2017
This server is a great server. Great staff. Not much lag. Ive only ever had one problem but it has been fixed since. Best minecraft server out there that ive ever played. More people is awesome. Its an all out war and it is really fun. I think if we get enought people on we could all have fun!

By: NoVaGamingYT

Posted 21st Jan 2017
The Server Is Gearing Tastic personally im having a great time i have had a single bug but not too much of a problem with a nice owner on, he helped out with the problem.
spawn is a little empty but it's got what you need and look's nice.
The vote rewards are pretty nice and do help out a lot.
Overall the server is pretty good and it is a blast too play hope who ever is reading this have a 'Blast' too Hehe.
The staff as far as i have seen are nice and non abuseive.

Ps. I Also Like The Players Who Play On The Server There Pretty Cool

By: Dude112113

Posted 21st Jan 2017
Ahhh home sweet home, as the chatmod (X_VinylScratch_X) Id like to give my 2 cents on this server, with steellz being the owner now, things became more lively, and steellz interacts with everyone! The server went dead, and now look! We have 8 people on most of the time! There's a solid economy, and the mobloot is decent, I really enjoy this server! (Says my 9 days playtime :D ) the staff is nice (considering I'm one of the only staff other than lavafire1) and yeah! I really recommend this server! Nice community, so Join the server! The more people the better!
Posted 21st Jan 2017
This server is one of the best minecraft/Big Dig modpack servers. The staff are really great people, very polite and they stick to the rules well. The staff also know the mods very well so they can help the players out to the best of their ability. The server runs super well almost no lag (And I have a bad computer too). I rate this server 10/10!! -Sincerely Zeniez.
Posted 21st Jan 2017

Sorry that i killed your server i put nether ore in a smeltery and it killed the server sorry -0zzy82
Posted 16th Jan 2017
Best server out there, admins are always helpful only set back not enough players be on at one time, ill hope for that to change one day
Posted 12th Jan 2017
Worst big dig server ever terrible staff with lots of hackers
The server replied:
Kinda hard to call this one the "worst" when so few are left, you call high tracking skills hacking, as i said in the other post, farwell
Posted 11th Jan 2017
JohnTheHippie is a hacker and the staff are too blind to see it.
The server replied:
Welcome to the world of PVP/raiding, The wild zone has a safe zone of 500m, u were 3000m away from the warp into wild, , basicly u were very easy to find by someone with flying, and were not basing that far underground so it was easy to spot a nametag above the surface, its a shame that u downvote a server strictly because you dont understand how a raiding/pvp server works, maybe a PVE server suits u better, safe travels
Posted 11th Jan 2017
The server is a awesome PvP server It has lots of great players and staff. The like how raiding is allowed because I love raiding servers. It is also great because the staff are very nice people. I don't have anything against the server. I think it is terrific
Posted 31st Dec 2016
The server is really nice, spawns great, admins and staff are great and overall server is awesome. Only bad thing is that theres not many people on :(
Posted 31st Dec 2016
well I must say above all the staff are very active and actually login very regularly. Also the in game ranks are very rewarding, with one kit even having an AE system in it and the donor ranks have a large variety with pretty much anything you could want to get for donating along with some of the most helpful commands. The active player base actually consists of people who know how to play pvp rather well and wont be too easy of a target (if you can find them). And even more importantly, the staff are really friendly and always willing to atleast try to help with whatever you might need.
Posted 30th Nov 2016
The server is really great and friendly lots of nice staff and owner
Posted 19th Nov 2016
Admin sucks destroyed my base and when i rebuilt it he complained about it and so i told him to remove it because him destroying my things is OK and when i fix it it not. Dont play this server its not a good server it does have problems its dead i would not recommend it ill tell my friends subs and mine this server is no longer in use by us.
The server replied:
Yes your base was reset due to a very laggy setup of uni cables and mec pipe, when used in a loop it causes server lag so when i asked you to fix the problem you agreed you would,

One day later i came online and seen the TPS was low again and look at your power setup once more and found nothing has changed then i asked again please fix the setup you then got "smart" with me and said ."if you want it fixed so bad remove it" so i did i removed the laggyness of it all and he didnt like that so he blew his own base up and tried blaming it on staff. and then quit the server.

so yes by all means make the server slow for other players as long as you're happy "sarcasm"
Posted 18th Nov 2016
Love the staff great server
Posted 11th Sep 2016
Ever since the reset it has went to **** they need kinder staff and kinder player base it used to be so fun until a chat mod raids you and steals all of your stuff bombs you i thought chat mods would be kinder but i guess not would not recommend!!
Posted 20th Jul 2016
overall a very good server only the highest donations are a bit overpowerd but i still love it i even donated and got the idol rank, if you have any trouble conecting with mods update to the 1.3.13! !!!!THANK YOU BOB TANK!!!!
Posted 19th Jul 2016