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Crystal Digger


Crystal Digger is for you! Here at Hexa Gaming our aim is to become the most helpful and caring Big Dig server. Our main priority is the players who play Crystal Digger and our servers.

We try and create a server were players feel a part of a community and share their ideas and how to improve the server. We have very friendly and dedicated staff that offer as much help as possible. Crystal Digger is always looking for suggestions and improvements, as we are quite new. We take feedback very seriously.

On Crystal Digger we have many awesome features that will always keep you entertained. One of the major ones is the playing time. You will progress ranks as you play on the server. You will unlock kits by playing. Certain commands are also unlocked as you play.

We also have events! FFA, Treasure Hunts, Tournaments...

The Hexa Gaming team is incredibly dedicated to the server and this is because we feel that to host a server you MUST put a lot of work into it. We also don't believe in map resets unless it is a serious issue.

Most servers we have seen will ALWAYS resort to a map reset instead of finding solutions for the lag and corrupted chunks. We have a dedicated team of developers and helpers which have already found solutions and use their free time to install them on to the server to ensure that the server is is better for the players.



Little Lag, we run 20 ticks.
Great Staff, we choose the best players for our staff.
Buy Craft
Grief Prevention


Alt text

No spamming, advertising or nuisance in chat.
No hurtful comments, swearing or bypassing filters.
Respect all players and staff.
No hacked clients, x-ray or exploits.
No griefing safezone, warzone or server builds.
No asking for Op/Staff or if we need Staff.

More rules can be found here.

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Time Is Money
Grief Prevention
Auto Rank
Custom Coded Plugins And More!

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Voting will reward you with:

  • 10 Diamonds
  • 2 Antimatter (125g)
  • 64 Redstone
  • 3 Glowstone Illuminators
  • 16 Steel Ingots
  • 16 Bronze Ingots
  • 4 Uranium Ore


So, enough reading and come find out for yourself. Come and play on Crystal Digger and enjoy the ride.

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