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Infinity Gear, PVE, Tekkit 1.2.9G


Tekkit 1.2.9G

Player vs Environment! (PvE)

Minimalist banned items list!

Easy to Use Claiming system via Golden Shovel (GriefPrevention)

Fully functional, fairly balanced economy

Dimensional Doors!

The Galacticraft moon and Mars !

Space Stations are allowed!


The top voter of the month gets the next tier of donator rank automatically :)

Server Specs:

High capacity processors: 4 core Intel Xeon E3-1240 V3 3.4 GHz
32 GB memory
160GB Intel solid state drives (SSDs)
Multiple 15K SAS drives in RAID 10 on a hardware disk controller with 512 MB of battery-backed memory
1 Gbps port
5000 GB transfer
Error correcting code memory corrects single bit and detects double bit memory errors.

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