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Ballistix PvP Pvp With guns


Ballistic PvP is the next level of high-action tactical guns player vs player combat. Join other soldiers on a variety of custom battlefields that turn within seconds from peaceful landscapes to devastatingly explosive and dynamic warzones. Utilize a wide array of custom modern day guns and equipment to ensure victory for you and your teammates!

The warhub is your portal to the battlefield. Pick and choose the map that appeals most to you, from a tight urban cityscape to a wide open snow-filled tundra. Go underground and battle deep under the earth, or sneak between trees before silently assassinating your targets.

The guns are what make Ballistix what it is. Each gun has a purpose in a unique situation. A sniper rifle is great for taking down enemies from atop a highrise, but it may be best to switch to your secondary if engaged at close range. Similarly, a flamethrower is great from a few meters away, but it is generally better to use another weapon if long range combat is imperative. Before heading out, players are able to choose any loadout they want - no donators with overpowered classes exist on Ballistix. Select the class that works best for you, but remember that each one is geared for specific play styles.

Many situations are not suitable for the use of guns, which is why each class comes with a set of special equipment as well. A flashbang grenade, if thrown well can be used to dispatch enemies around tight corners, while a frag can be used for a more lethal outcome. Place C4 on doorways and detonate it as enemies come though, or throw a deadlyclusterbomb into their ranks and watch from afar as they frantically scramble to escape the blast radius.


  • 17+ Custom Guns
  • 8+ Different types of equipment
  • 4 Different warzones (And many more to come!)
  • 12-16 GB of server dedicated RAM

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