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= Plugins = Economy = PVP=Plots = No Whitelist = Survival = Chest Shop = Community = Admins = 24/7 = Friendly = Active = No Lag = Protection =
= Economy = PVP = Plots = Survival = Chest Shop = Community = Admins = Protection =

Minecraft, Gaming, Community Just a few words that describe our server. Paradise city is the small server with a big personality.
Now you may be thinking, this server it interests me, how do i join? Firstly you need to log on to minecraft and select "multiplayer" there you will find a multitude of buttons, press the direct connect button. A small text box will appear you need to input into that text box. Now that is done all you need to do is
press "connect". If you have done this correctly you will be in our server spawn. Congratulations you have connected!
How do i get started?
Ha Ha well to start you need to read the rules and make sure you do for your own benefit!
Now you can either do /warp city and ask an admin to grant you your very own plot (if theirs an admin on) or you can explore spawn more The choice is yours.
If you do not want to build in a plot but rather in the wild do /warp wild to teleport. you are now free To roam the wild and feel free to ask an admin to protect it. If you want to return to spawn you can do /spawn and if you want to play some PVP do /warp arena and drop into the pit....
We accept donations to this server and in return we give you perks but not in ways that gives you an unfair advantage. for 5 dollars you will get a custom name suited to your liking, 5 sethomes and many more donate 50 dollars or more to get all of the latter and fly, repair, thunder, tppos, weather!
Also every 5 dollars you donate you get 10,000 ingame cash, 1 fully enchanted item, 1 stack of any item (not blocks) and 100 mcmmo points!
I all hope you enjoy the server and become a regular member to this wonderful server

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